Life Update

Sashimi Bento Box special with a Hurricane Roll

Sashimi Bento Box special with a Hurricane Roll

I’ve been crazy busy since school started again. How busy you wonder? Well, I’m writing this blog post in class. I’m mentally exhausted after finishing an assignment a few minutes ago and now I’m just trying to de-stress.

The last few days of September were beautiful! It is very rare that we get temperatures greater than +20 degrees Celsius in September. Usually by this time, it is sweater/jacket weather and I’m pretty miserable due to seasonal allergies. I finished class just after 12:30PM on Monday the 22nd. All of my friends still had classes in the afternoon so I decided to go out by myself. I had this huge craving for sushi and I figured since I had some time, I could bus down to that part of town and make it for my favourite sushi restaurant’s lunch special. Here’s a picture of what I had for lunch that day. I know it’s a bit random, but it’s just one of the more recent pictures on my phone.

I tend to take a lot of random pictures with my phone.Here’s a picture of the Provencher Bridge in Winnipeg. The funny looking building next to it is our brand new Human Rights Museum. It opened last month and I plan to go there with my boyfriend. If you look closely at the image, I snapped it just in time to catch a little ferry boat passing by.

Winnipeg Bridge

Canadian Thanksgiving is coming up this Monday, October 13. My mom has decided to have our Thanksgiving/my birthday dinner tonight. I’ll be 22 on the 12th! Finally, I get to sing along to that Taylor Swift song with actual meaning. As of right now, I really don’t have any plans for my birthday. I’ll make sure to put up another post in the next few days.

To all of my fellow Canadians, Happy Turkey Day on Monday! =)