On the 29th I was going to blog about my parent’s 25th wedding anniversary, but when I went to sign into WordPress, it had said that my domain name expired. I sent an e-mail to my host and am thankful that things are back to normal. Thank you! =) I’ll save the anniversary story for another date.

Last night, I went out with my girlfriends for a dinner and a movie. I think this was the first time that the three of us went out for dinner and it wasn’t sushi. Instead, we went for ribs and steak. Quite classy for a girls night out, right? Anyways, we watched The Giver. It’s based off the book written by Lois Lowry. I remember reading this book in Grade 8 for English class. I won’t spoil the movie for those who want to watch it. The only comments that I will make are that they really brought the futuristic society to life for me but they confused me right off the hop because the main character, Jonas, was portrayed as a 16 year old boy (instead of 11 like he is supposed to be in the book). Overall, they made the movie work and I would even recommend it to those who haven’t read the book.

Out of the three of us, I’m the only one heading back to school in the fall. My one friend had graduated with her nursing degree in May and already has a full-time permanent position at the largest hospital in the city. She’s already set for life with a career and all at the age of 22. My other friend, also 22, graduated in May with her Bachelor’s of Arts in linguistics and recently just got a part-time retail job. In a sense, I feel kind of left behind because I’m still studying and have a year left in my degree. Unlike these two girls, I’ve been working since I was 16 where as neither of these girls have had jobs prior to now. At least I can say that I have work experience, but I have no clue what I want to do yet or where I’ll end up. Microbiology is interesting and all, but I don’t think I can see myself working in a lab. Thankfully there is still a year to figure all of that out.

On another note, I can’t believe that it is already the end of August. Where did my summer go? Time sure flies when you’ve been working full time, part time and taking a summer course. I was planning to go on a mini trip to the United States for Labour Day long weekend, the last weekend before I head back to school, but none of my friends have money and/or vacation days. So I’ve settled for a day trip with my boyfriend just to buy food and snacks that we can’t find up here, in Canada. The remainder of the weekend will just be staying in and catching up to some movies and TV shows. At this point, I’ll take anything to relax and unwind before classes start up again.