Like a Ghost

I promise that my next post title won’t reference a silly song.

Earlier today, I received the following text: “So the new Ghost busters movie is coming out. They must have heard about you.” Why yes, I was called out by the ghost busters. Everything has been hectic as of late and when friends start to notice, you know it has gone bad.

School has been in session for 7 days and here I am, writing an essay that is due in a couple of days, on a topic that is way over my head. Not only that, I’ve been working a lot and still trying to adjust to the new semester. At this point, I don’t think I’ll be able to catch up and find stability any time soon. For now, my friends can just send me texts or messages and I’ll get back to them when I can.

On another note, it’s officially fall and the weather has reflected that. We have already received some frost warnings and I’ve had to pull out my sweaters and fall jacket. Fortunately, snow hasn’t fallen here yet, unlike some other places in Canada. It’s crazy how bi-polar mother nature could be! I’m just looking forward to my first Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks. I had one from McDonald’s and I was pleasantly surprised with how earthy the spices tasted and that my drink was hot. Am I the only one that finds Starbucks hot beverages a little cool? I think it’s ridiculous having to ask to have a drink extra hot.

Do you have a favourite seasonal drink that you would like to recommend (be it a recipe or commercially available)?