Feeling 22

Thanksgiving foodI am fully aware that a couple of my last post titles have made a reference to song, but nothing else really comes to my mind other than Taylor Swift’s 22. I can now sing this song with truthful meaning.

I know this post is coming a little late. Currently, I’m sitting in the Faculty office, waiting to see an academic advisor about a potential change to my degree program. It’s been over an hour and a half already so I got antsy and decided to pull out my laptop. Over the past few weeks, I was contemplating whether or not I should study for another year to complete a double major with Microbiology and Computer Science. I am just a term away from completing the micro major and figured another year won’t hurt to turn the comp sci minor into another full major. Here’s hoping that I hear some useful information in the coming few minutes or hours.

To follow up on my last post, here’s a quick summary: My birthday was on the 12th but we celebrated on the 10th. As per usual, we had family over and mom invited people over to celebrate Thanksgiving. I managed to get a quick snapshot of the food just before everyone gathered around to gobble it down. My family has been in Canada for over 20 years so we’ve incorporated a lot of Western food into our dinners. Hiding in the back is the iconic rice cooker, some egg rolls and a noodle dish that keeps a hint of our culture. This was the first year that I didn’t have a birthday cake. I think I’ve reached the age where the number of candles on the cake just amounts to a fire hazard. Overall, my birthday was enjoyable this year. The food, family, and time that I got to spend with my boyfriend outweighed all of the stress and studying that I had to endure over the weekend.

The coming weeks are going to be hectic. I have two more midterms, 4 final exams and multiple assignments and reports that i have to complete. I wanted to go somewhere during the winter break, but as per usual, my friends have no money or no vacations. That’s why this year, I “volunteered” to work on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Might as well start saving up for reading week 1 because that’s the next chance I’ll have to go somewhere. Is it just me or are other people deterred by the idea of traveling alone? I’m starting to get fed up waiting on people to save up enough money or to find time to go somewhere. I’m getting to the point where I just might buy myself a train or plane ticket to go anywhere for a few days by myself, but I’m kind of scared to run off on my own.

  1. Also known as spring break for university students.