Weekend Munchies

I was hoping to make this weekend a productive one. Alas, I ended up going out to eat, thrice, and even went to the mall. Monday came too soon so I am now stuck trying to figure out how I can make up for lost time.

My first date was with a dear friend of mine, Sybil. She texted me earlier last week with quite the dilemma. Her and her boyfriend had broken up and both paid to stay at different places next month. The problem was that they had to sublet their apartment by the end of the month. We agreed to hangout and stayed out past midnight at a pub and then to McDonald’s to talk out the stress. It was a much needed night for the both of us. We both shed a few tears for the other and bonded over burgers. She sent me a text recently that someone had agreed to sublet their apartment and from the sounds of it, everything went through and that situation was dealt with. I’m grateful for her.


Saturday, I went out with another friend, Justinne, just to hangout and give her a phone case that I ordered for her from Amazon, as well as some root beer float tea, from David’s Tea, because she really wanted to try it. We tried to go to that new Chinese buffet again but it was packed. Just getting into the parking lot was ridiculous. We ended up going out for Korean instead. Of course, my mom knew I was going out and asked me to get Justinne to help me buy four dozen eggs.The local drugstore had eggs on sale but it was only a limit of two. We ended up getting six dozen and picked up a couple of other things. I’m looking forward to trying out the Naked smoothie and the Sobe drinks we got!

The last day of the weekend was spent with my sister. I really intended to get work done this day, but I felt that I needed to get out to enjoy the weather and get a bit of exercise. We went to the mall to wait for her boyfriend to get off work so we can attempt that buffet one last time. (Yes, I really wanted to try this place!) I left the mall empty handed but she found a couple of things. So her boyfriend got off work and I dropped the two of them off at the door of the restaurant so that I could find some parking. It was great timing because we got there just when they switched to supper. The wait was no longer than five minutes. It was all you can eat sushi, Westernized Chinese food, there was a salad bar and much more. I was impressed and would definitely like to go back with friends sometime. I know what time to go now to avoid the rush!

So like I said, Monday came sooner than expected. I had completely forgot that I had a lab report due yesterday and my partner and I were literally rushing to finish the thing within the last hour. We managed to do so but it was just stressful. Looks like I’m going to be working every day for the rest of the week. I can’t afford to waste anymore time! (Except to update my blog with a new post of course.)